Bernie or bust: The Sanders supporters who won't vote for Clinton

by Alfonso Matthews Marcha 22, 2016, 21:17
Bernie or bust: The Sanders supporters who won't vote for Clinton

In a turnout of 34,570 Democrats living overseas all over the world, 69 percent voted for Senator Bernie Sanders while 31 percent went to Hillary Clinton.

His supporters plan to rally and march in downtown San Diego beginning at 10:30 a.m. at the Community Concourse next to City Hall.

"If he has a bit of time to sort of set up his campaign, spend a lot of time working a state, he's usually shown an ability to do better", says Skelley.

A firm delegate lead in hand, Clinton looked past Sanders ahead of Tuesday's contests and instead sharpened her general election attacks on Trump.

In Vancouver, Sanders declared to a packed gymnasium that the nation's economic, campaign finance and criminal justice systems are "rigged" and criticized pharmaceutical companies for rising drug costs. "At this point", Romney said on the call, "a vote for John Kasich is a vote for Donald Trump". We have to keep going from there.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, did miserably with the Americans living overseas who voted in the primary.

The campaign is fighting for every delegate it can win and spent roughly $400,000 on the Portland stations to get his message out.

Sanders and Clinton "engaged with overseas Americans like no other presidential campaigns have before, each addressing the unique issues that face Americans abroad", said Katie Salon, global chair of Democrats Abroad.

Over the last week or so, Clinton's rival, Bernie Sanders, has made Arizona his home away from home. "We're not just at the center of the immigration discussion", Republican Party of Maricopa County chairman Tyler Bowyer told the Times.

There's been scant polling in the state, but one survey predicted a tight race.

"I think these people who are saying that he should suspend his campaign and wrap things up really aren't focusing on nearly the moral obligation that he has to his supporters who have been so strong supporting him all these months, and continue as an active candidate until the end", said Davis. Bernie Sanders of Vermont 73, the Florida Democratic Party announced Monday.

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