Microsoft says hiring go-go dancers at Xbox party was wrong

by Paul Elliott Marcha 19, 2016, 23:11
Microsoft says hiring go-go dancers at Xbox party was wrong

Secondly, Microsoft hosts a women in gaming luncheon every year at GDC.

Reports surfaced Friday morning about the Thursday night party, which had "erotic schoolgirls" dancing on podiums and socializing with attendees.

Gaming industry parties and events used to be dominated with scantily clad models, almost all of which were female, to promote games and get attendees' attention.

The dancers were hired for a Game Developers Conference after-party in San Francisco.

As more reactions to the event began to appear online today, both Xbox Head Phil Spencer and Xbox's marketing lead Aaron Greenberg have taken to social media and news outlets expressing their disappointment and apologies for the lack of consideration and insensitive nature of the party.

The head of Microsoft's Xbox division says the after-hours entertainment "was not consistent or aligned to our values".

Technology companies and the industry overall need to hold themselves to a higher standard and do better now - not at some ambiguous future date.

GDC is a massive four-day event, and women's inclusion in tech and gaming is, as you may have heard, kind of a hot topic right now. In the Xbox GDC party, while that incident happens, none was prepared for it. For example, Jennifer Scheurle, a game designer, tweeted out her frustration of attending an event where the game industry excludes women. "This was wonderful for me and really inspired me to stick with it", one woman wrote.

Microsoft's management, for its part, has quickly responded to the concerns.

It's insane that Microsoft would so blatantly sexualize women - for a few reasons. For six years, Microsoft has published stats on how diverse its workforce is, has fought for LGBT rights, and is actively recruiting autistic applicants for its teams.

How we appearance up as an alignment is abundantly important to me. An across-the-board ability has an absolute apples on the articles and casework we bear and the acumen consumers accept of the Xbox cast and our company, as a whole. Spencer added that the matter would be dealt with internally. "That was actually amiss and will not be tolerated...When we do the opposite, and actualize an ambiance that alienates or offends any group, we accurately deserve the criticism". I am personally committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion is central to our everyday business and our core values as a team - inside and outside the company.



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