Missouri GOP announces delegate allocation from primary

by Alfonso Matthews Marcha 18, 2016, 17:17
Missouri GOP announces delegate allocation from primary

The specifics about what was discussed during said meetings were never released, but their meetings - and Trump's lack of one - was confirmed ahead of the Sunshine State's vote Tuesday. "I think you'd have riots".

"I don't think that there's great value for the Republican Party to have a nasty, nasty shoot 'em up Wild West convention", Scholz said.

A brokered convention to prevent Trump from becoming the presidential nominee would only further discredit the party leadership, said Jindal, who has been one of the billionaire's most vocal critics.

At the heart of the conundrum is the strength of voter numbers actually backing Mr. Trump: the stronger his lead over the other candidates on the day of the convention, the more controversial would it be for the super-delegates to throw their weight behind a different candidate and disregard what is in some senses the will of the Republican majority. By then, the party can have sorted out what allowed Trump to take over and nominate a more consistently conservative candidate who would be very advantaged to win.

Rubio subsequently dropped out, and today he told his former supporters in Minnesota that Cruz was the "only conservative left in the race".

The idea of a third party being formed to combat Trump remained a bone of contention for the group, the source said, adding, there was "real division" over the idea.

Ted Cruz would need a huge boost of momentum to get to 1,237 delegate. During a round of calls to morning television shows, he said some of the same Republican senators who publicly criticize him have called him privately to say they want to "become involved" in his campaign eventually. Arizona is a winner-take-all primary where Trump is favored, while Utah is a caucus where Cruz is favored.

Growing in confidence, Trump pulled out of a Republican debate scheduled for Monday in Utah, saying it clashed with a speech he plan to give to a pro-Israel group. Presidents are not only the standard-bearers of their party; they also control the party's institutions. I think you'd have riots. Kasich has been mathematically eliminated from gaining a majority of delegates, and ranks last in the race despite getting his first win in OH this week. Looks like the party is still scrambling to find a way to let delegates ignore the votes, even in the face of Trump's threats of actual physical violence.

He declared that Trump is a "moral cretin" and said, "If that means Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States, Donald Trump's supporters can carry that burden".

"We believe that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump, a Hillary Clinton donor, is that person", he wrote. But if he falls short of the 1,237 threshold, the delegates - who will gather for the convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in July - will have to select their nominee by following a complex process of sequential votes.

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