'The Bachelor' 2016 Finale Recap, Spoilers: Ben Picks Lauren Over Jojo

by Virginia Benson Marcha 18, 2016, 22:44
'The Bachelor' 2016 Finale Recap, Spoilers: Ben Picks Lauren Over Jojo

It's a weird world, but as long as Ben and Lauren keep staring off into nothingness, maybe they can make it work. Here's what went down.

Ben's last date with JoJo turned out to be more emotional than expected as she broke down from all the pressure of the competition. The pair had a connection from the very start, so his choice wasn't all that surprising.

While Higgins and Bushnell go on with their lives without cameras, the woman who lost out to Bushnell, Fletcher, will continue her journey to find love as the next Bachelorette.

Of course, viewers know that his fiancee wasn't the only woman to whom he uttered those three crucial words, and the story will include Higgins' explanation for why he said "I love you" to someone else - and how Bushnell forgave him.

In yet another mind-boggling move, Ben admitted to JoJo that even though he was in love with her, he also feels the same for Lauren. Lauren gushed, "He has made this whole thing that could be really hard, going through all that then re-watching it, reliving it, he has made it so much easier, he is such a good listener and so supportive". After a painful goodbye to JoJo, Ben got down on one knee and proposed to Lauren and she said yes! "I found it with you", Ben shared with a "blindsided" Jojo. Chris Harrison also awkwardly cut in every 5 minutes to say that they have Ben's preacher handy so he might actually get married on the show.

Well, no. Thank goodness! The Ben and Lauren recently spoke about having kids post-Bachelor, and fans of the couple will not be disappointed with what they had to say about their future family.

We're about to reveal the ultimate spoiler from tonight's season finale of The Bachelor! "It's important for me to stand up to people stereotyping Iranians", reported Variety.

Season 20 Bachelor Ben Higgins participates in the 127th Tournament of Roses Parade presented by Honda on January 1, 2016 in Pasadena, California. Hit the comments with your thoughts! We have the farm team, right, which allows us to pick the next one.

To hear more from the adorable engaged duo, watch our interview with Ben and Lauren above now. The lovebirds looked so smitten with each other when they headed to Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Final Rose Ceremony, and we couldn't help but notice Lauren's insanely gorgeous glow.

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