'The Walking Dead': Why Carol Will Be the Next to Die

by Virginia Benson Marcha 22, 2016, 0:01
'The Walking Dead': Why Carol Will Be the Next to Die

The Walking Dead could be nearing a huge twist, with spoilers indicating that Daryl Dixon may not survive the end of Season 6. Negan makes his grand entrance in issue 100 of The Walking Dead comic, and bashes Glenn's face in with his barbed wire-covered baseball bat he affectionately refers to as Lucille, killing the fan-favorite in horrific fashion.

"I couldn't say anything after I had finished reading it. I felt like I had dropped into a blackhole". But if the live-action scene is truly as invigorating and mindblowing as it was in the source material, then people are still going to be talking about it anyway, regardless of if Negan’s victim is Glenn or another one of the core survivors. Amazon customers can catch up on seasons one to six of The Walking Dead now on Prime Video. Still, they don't all make it back to Alexandria.

In an interview with Lennie James, who plays the role of Morgan Jones, the 50-year-old star teases the arrival of Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in "The Walking Dead". Many believe that the show will seek to introduce the character in the same way, which means the 90-minute finale may feature a character death, as well as enough screen time for it to impact the other characters before the show breaks until Season 7. Please do the right thing, Gimple and Kirkman.

Past reports have already hinted the character's death.

With the characters facing threats, zombies and human alike, it's inevitable for fans to predict that somewhere along the way, there's always someone who will get killed. Just writing that set my blood pressure on a slow rise. In the two episodes prior to Twice As Far it was evident that they are now hunters. To whet fans' appetites, the website gave away tidbits of what to expect from episode 14 of The Walking Dead. If it won't be Glenn, there are a handful of candidates that would be killed off. No mystery.

No stretched-out drama. Not only are there more members of the Saviors than Team Rick imagine, but let's just say that they're about to meet the most brutal Saviors of the bunch. However, according to Steven Yeun, they don't necessarily have to follow "The Walking Dead's" comic story.


Eugene continues to surprise us by how much he has changed. Will you be tuning in to Negan's introduction?

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