Difference Between Forex Trading and Online Casino Games

by Alfonso Matthews Abril 15, 2016, 10:08
Difference Between Forex Trading and Online Casino Games

Often, forex trading and online casino games, such as those provided by https://ca.royalvegascasino.com/ , are thought to be very similar as both appear to be a form of gambling, however in fact there are a number of differences. While online casino games are a fun pastime enjoyed by many people all over the world, forex trading is operated more like a business which can benefit from a more coordinated and systematic approach and although in some ways placing a wager on a game can appear to be the same as leveraging an investment in the foreign exchange market, there are some subtle variations in both the mindset and skillset involved.

What Is Forex Trading and What Are Online Casino Games?

Forex trading is the trading of foreign currencies to try to make a profit due to the variations in the exchange rate from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. Online casino games, on the other hand, are the same as those you might find in any land-based casino but held in a virtual environment. These might include such popular options as poker, roulette, blackjack, keno and slots. Although both are considered to be gambling to a certain extent because of the uncertain outcomes, forex trading is usually thought to be more of an investment in a similar way to trading on the traditional stocks and shares market.

What Is The Difference Between Forex Trading and Online Casino Games?


While some gamblers believe that there are strategies that they can apply to the most popular casino games, these are still highly debateable and by no means guaranteed to produce a positive result. Some casino games are pure games of chance - for example slots and roulette - and there is no way to alter the outcome through strategy. On the other hand, there are many online tutorials about forex investment strategies and it has been shown that through observation of the foreign currency markets and a good knowledge of worldwide financial events, forex traders can develop an effective strategy which can help them to gain greater profits through wise investments.

The Odds

The odds of achieving a win at an online casino are always going to be lower than the chances of profiting from a foreign exchange investment as long as the trader is paying close attention to the state of the currency markets. While even the most strategic games in a casino still rely upon a certain element of chance such as the fall of the cards, the forex market can be reasonably safely predicted based upon prior observation of the various factors such as trader behavior, current news and other economic factors. Trades which are based on these sensible future forecasts are much more likely to be successful.


Choosing the gamble at online casinos is usually considered to be more of a pastime than a career move. The majority of online gamblers simply enjoy the excitement of placing a bet and see it as a hobby and fun way to spend their spare time. On the other hand, forex trading is considered to be more of a business and a serious way of making an income. Therefore the approach is usually different for those who are intent on making money through forex investment. It is possible to improve success in the foreign exchange market by scrutinising market trends on a daily basis and keeping an accurate record of previous trades to observe patterns in order to make informed future choices, and therefore a more coordinated approach is required for forex trading. 

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