The greatest bets in history

by Sadie Mccarthy May 11, 2016, 15:58
The greatest bets in history

Many people know that the majority of all sports betting belong to football. According to the bbc, football betting reach almost 2/3 of the financial turnover of betting companies. However, football fans sometimes win huge sums of money.

For example, one Belarusian fan predicted fourteen matches of the qualifying tournament of the World Cup 2010. All results were guessed correctly, and the modest bet on sports has turned into a hundred thousand. In his prediction were such rates as Finland - Germany 3:3 and Denmark - Portugal 3:2. Can you imagine the chance to guess this?

The match Russia - Sweden, in the framework of the Euro 2008 has attracted a lot of attention from football fans. Fans put almost three million dollars on the victory of Russia at 2.5 ratios. It is the biggest mass sports betting. You still can try your luck on euro 2016 betting odds and predictions.

Of course, we can not leave aside rates on horse races. Thus, in the city of Nottingham in 1995, a woman has made five pence bet on a horse, which was not quoted by the bookies. This race brought her a little more than 150 thousand pounds.

Even in such advanced and technically supported sport as Formula 1, there may be a sensation and big winnings. Lewis Hamilton triumphantly broke into the sport. In 2008, he became the first in the season. And there was a man who believed in him since his youth. A certain fan of races set for thirteen years old Lewis Hamilton, who was at that time in karting. The payout ratio was 1 to 1200. Unfortunately, it is a secret how much this man has bet.

In every major win in the sports betting the element of chance is not enough. You must make your own calculations. Few of the lucky people like to talk about how many bids were made previously, before the most successful, but in most cases, it is an impressive number. Therefore, we can say that the main key to success is the ability to analyze.


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