China Paper Warns US of 'Price' to Pay in South China Sea

by Alfonso Matthews Julio 10, 2016, 4:13

Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, in a phone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry discussed the South China Sea arbitration, at the latter's invitation.

China's warning comes ahead of a key global court ruling on China's sovereignty in the disputed area, which has caused ongoing tensions between the two powers.

An arbitration court in The Hague is expected to rule in favour of the Philippines and invalidate many if not all of Chinese claims in the South China Sea.

China has reiterated that the tribunal has no jurisdiction over the case and the relevant subject-matter, and that it should not have heard the case or rendered the "award".

"The arbitration tribunal farce should come to an end", Wang said.

He said that "bilateral and friendly dialogue and consultation is the only right and viable way " to resolve the dispute between the Philippines and China over the South China Sea territory.

Shultz Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy and National Security Affairs, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, told People's Daily that US's conclusion that China is unwilling to negotiate in good faith is a mistake.

China on Tuesday also started holding seven days of military drills around disputed islands in the sea.

The U.N. leader said that all countries with rival claims to the South China Sea should settle their differences peacefully and "avoid any escalation or misunderstandings that could put security and development in the region at risk".

While not close enough to be within 12 nautical miles - a so-called freedom of navigation operation that would require high level approval - the destroyers operated within 14 to 20 nautical miles of the Chinese-occupied features, the Navy Times reported.

The Philippines's permanent representative to the United Nations called on the union's member countries to support the rule of law in the upcoming decision of its arbitral tribunal in connection with the South China Sea dispute.

The US and the Philippines now dominate the public discourse on the SCS issue, and the Philippines intends to use the media to label China as a state that "does not obey worldwide law", he said.

The Philippines, under the Aquino administration, filed a legal challenge with a UN-backed tribunal in The Hague contesting China's claims to almost all of the strategically vital sea.

China has refuted the Philippines' statement that reefs in Nansha Islands can not claim exclusive economic zones in the South China Sea arbitration.

The Chinese navy has held fresh exercises in the South China Sea, which has been at the center of a long-running territorial dispute between Beijing and its neighbors.

"The South China Sea arbitration case initiated by the Philippine Aquino administration is illegal, null and void from the outset", he said.

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