In Nod To Sanders, Clinton Offers New Health Care Proposal

by Alfonso Matthews Julio 11, 2016, 5:33

Clinton has scheduled an appearance at Portsmouth High School on Tuesday and, according to two anonymous sources, Sanders will be making his first appearance with her outside of the debates. "We don't want window dressing in talking about working people".

Sanders' delegates wanted the platform to include a strict and explicit opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12-nation trade deal negotiated by President Barack Obama's administration, ever getting a vote - even in the lame-duck session before a new president is sworn in.

Clinton, who supported the deal during negotiations as Obama's secretary of state and once called it the "gold standard" for global trade, reversed herself during the primary and announced her opposition. "If Democrats are going to prevail in November, we must make clear to the American people that we stand firmly against the TPP". Or, as some of his supporters are guessing, he might just be following Democratic protocol of agreeing to eventually support the party's nominee. Bernie is against the TPP.

Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, said labor leaders will still be able to deliver votes for Democrats.

The TPP amendment was Sanders' key issue in Orlando.

"People vote for jobs", said Benjamin Jealous, a former NAACP president who represented the Sanders campaign on the platform committee. That, too, was rejected. But the message of doing that through Sanders has become more diluted, and supporters aren't sure how to interpret this. "You only care about profit", one of them shouted.

The trade fight likely isn't over. While various anti-Trump movements within the GOP, led by FreeTheDelegates, aims to upend the real estate mogul's expected nomination by unbinding all the delegates, a major section of Democratic delegates - mostly supporters of Bernie Sanders - aim to take the nomination fight to the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this month.

More changes were made this weekend after hours of negotiations, including support for a $15-per-hour federal minimum wage indexed to rise with inflation. He has avoided endorsing Clinton, but appears to be closing in on backing her campaign.

She is ideologically similar to Sanders so gaining a lot of mainstream support wouldn't be hard, as Sanders has proven during this election cycle.

Sanders campaign officials had signed off on the language, which also praised Sanders, but its sponsors chose to withdraw the unity plank given the uproar from the gallery.

Clinton and Sanders frequently clashed over health care during the primaries.

While aides privately express their annoyance at Sanders and his refusal to capitulate, Clinton has publicly maintained a respectful silence.

It's one more nod to her primary rival, Bernie Sanders, who's pushed for additional dollars for what are known as federally qualified health centers. Currently, the typical age for enrollment is 65.

On a conference call, Sanders called it "an important step forward in expanding health care in America and expanding health insurance and health care access to tens of millions of Americans".

"I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished tonight. It will save lives, it will ease suffering".

Sanders has 48 hours to decide whether he'll demand a vote at the Democratic National Convention on any of the amendments he lost.

It calls for the mandatory use of police body cameras, and says Democrats will "stop the use of weapons of war that have no place in our communities". The platform doesn't detail what it classifies as "weapons of war".

A total ban on hydraulic fracking and a tax on carbon are also on Sanders' platform wish list. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, delivers his "Where We Go From Here" speech, Friday, June 24, 2016, in Albany, New York.

The updated version now says that Democrats "will work in every way we can - in Congress and the federal government, in states, and with the private sector - to reach this goal".

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