New source for online news in Colombia

by Alfonso Matthews Julio 29, 2016, 17:40
New source for online news in Colombia

Recently the new site appeared on the news market of Colombia. It has already gained more than 20 thousand of active visitors thanks to its relevant and serious content. This source for online news has the most booming materials, inclusive investigations and special interview which can be found in ten categories. However, this is only the beginning.

The new site is presented in the most efficient way. The interface is very convenient, and the navigation is easy. The idea of creating such news portal in Colombia appeared a long time ago and finally it came to the reality. Despite the fact that site just has started to operate, about fifty news articles on different topics appear every day.

The best editors, journalists, managers, videographers and photographers are working on the to provide users with the significant and newest information.

The online source contains plenty of analytical reviews, videos, photos and specialist’s comments. All materials can be found in certain categories. For example, if you are interested in the latest results of sports games, then click Sports. If you want to know about parties and leader’s ratings, you will find them in Politics category. If you wish to be in a trend of latest medical breakthroughs, then Health category is definitely for you.  Economic and financial news are in Politics. Museums, theaters, and cinema, can be found in Culture category. Also, there are other informative and useful categories such as Entertainment, Buzz, Showbiz and Local news. All materials are related directly to the life in Colombia.

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