Pokémon GO global rollout halted

by Douglas Stevenson Julio 11, 2016, 10:03

Pokémon Go has taken iOS and Android by storm this weekend, jumping to the top of the App Store and Google Play Store in just a matter of days.

Pokemon Go International Rollout Halted due to Server Issues:- Pokemon Go is a huge hit among the users and looks like its developer Niantic is facing hard time.

Speaking with Business Insider, Niantic CEO John Hanke has said that the developer is aware of the server issues which have cropped up since launch, which prevent players from launching the game.

While it is unclear how long this Pokemon Go delay will last, fans in the United Kingdom can be hopeful that reports have subsided since the initial online problems were first flagged. The crashes seem to correspond nicely to the East Coast's lunch break, when more players hop onto the game while walking to lunch.

Pokémon Go hit the app store yesterday and holds the #1 trending search, for good reason. Hanke added that the company was expecting Pokemon GO to be popular but not this much.

As you travel around you'll be able to "catch" the creatures and then train them for battles. "We will continue rolling out #PokemonGo to new countries soon", reads a tweet from Pokemon GO's account. To let one search the Pokemons in the real world it uses the camera and Global Positioning System of the smart phone and let the users catch those pokemons with the help of a Pokemon Ball.

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