Protest over Minnesota police shooting calm but constant

by Alfonso Matthews Julio 10, 2016, 4:17
Protest over Minnesota police shooting calm but constant

However, reports indicate it was not protesters but officers and White people in general who were targeted.

Yanez's attorney said on Saturday that the officer was reacting to Castile's gun, not because he was African-American.

The fatal shooting of Philando Castile, 32, on Wednesday night in a St. Paul suburb has sparked days of protests in Minnesota and cities around the United States, intensified by a video of the bloody aftermath Castile's girlfriend Diamond Reynolds streamed live on the internet from the auto.

Attorney Thomas Kelly gave the most detailed account so far of why the cop drew his own weapon, telling the Associated Press that Yanez was reacting to "the presence of that gun and the display of that gun" when he opened fire on Castile. "This had nothing to do with race". "This case has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the presence of a gun".

An attorney for Castile's family, Larry Rogers, didn't immediately return a call seeking comment on Kelly's remarks.

The two officers stopped Castile on July 6 for a broken tail-light while he was driving with his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her young daughter.

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, Gov. Mark Dayton declared that police likely wouldn't have fired had Castile been white.

Ms Reynolds said he was permitted to carry the gun.

"They're not getting any kind of the benefit of the doubt", Smith said.

Yanez, who is of Mexican descent, is cooperating fully with the state's investigation into the shooting, Kelly said. He and another officer, Joseph Kauser (who stood by the passenger side), are on administrative leave.

Kelly said Yanez could see a weapon in the auto. The names of license holders are not public under state law.

Lozoya recalled him as an active, passionate and approachable member.

"He's a very sensitive officer, he cares about people", Kelly said.

Several videos, including squad auto video of the incident, have been collected, but St Anthony officers do not wear body cameras, the agency said. Reynolds claimed the officer had pulled them over ostensibly for a busted taillight. The video shows her in a vehicle next to a bloodied Castile slumped in a seat.

"He let the officer know he had a firearm, and he was reaching for his wallet, and the officer just shot him in his arm", she said in the video.

Authorities in St. Paul had reported just a single arrest of someone who had been in a crowd that at one point numbered 1,500 people, there to demand justice in the death of Castile, a 32-year-old school cafeteria supervisor. Paul area since 2002.

"I do not have a lot of information right now as to what the reason for the traffic stop was or what the circumstances were", Mangseth said.

Lake was involved in a police shooting in December 2014 when a black man refused to drop his gun, threatened to kill himself and pointed his revolver at officers. Sterling, who was also black, was shot after a scuffle with officers outside a convenience store. Authorities identified the Dallas shooter as an Army veteran, who was later killed by police.

The two shootings were followed by a protest in Dallas on Thursday night against police use of deadly force that culminated with the fatal shootings of five officers by a lone gunman.

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