Protesters shut down Interstate 94 near downtown St. Paul

by Alfonso Matthews Julio 11, 2016, 7:31
Protesters shut down Interstate 94 near downtown St. Paul

So far, 102 civilians have been arrested in the state, while a total of 198 citizens were put in behind bars in NY and Chicago and in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, collectively.

Police say the section of Interstate 94 in St. Paul that was closed by protesters has been reopened.

Police used smoke bombs to clear the crowd of more than 200 people blocking the interstate. The St. Paul Police Department tweeted that arrests were made, but didn't indicate how many, and said at least five officers suffered non-serious injuries when hit by rocks, firecrackers and bottles thrown by protesters.

"Mayor Chris Coleman called the violence "shameful", saying it doesn't honor anyone's memory... including Philando Castile's".

The night after Castile was killed, authorities say a black Army veteran attacked police at a protest in Dallas over the killings of Castile and Sterling.

Reynolds posted a Facebook video of the aftermath of Castile's shooting.

Tensions in Louisiana running high after the recent shooting death of Alton Sterling by police officers in Baton Rouge. Anna Werner has more from St. Paul.

Spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office told The Associated Press that almost 100 people were taken to the parish jail in connection with protests that began late Saturday. Officers were pelted with rocks, bottles, concrete, construction materials and fireworks, police said.

In Oakland, California, police ceded a highway to protesters last week and did not stop them from shutting it down.

At a similar protest in Dallas on Thursday night, a lone gunman who wanted to kill "white people, especially white police" opened fire, killing five police officers and injuring many more.

Elsewhere, protests in downtown Chicago resulted in three arrests, with pending charges, according to police.

The U.S. Department of Justice is reviewing how the city responded to protests after Clark's death. Throngs protested in New York City, where 20 people were arrested.

"To find out that that was what we heard a few blocks down the street was heartbreaking", she said after attending the special church service in her neighborhood Saturday evening.

"I thought I had already fought this battle for them", she said. I am absolutely disgusted, [and] I am not going to tolerate it. ... Officers gave more than a dozen orders for the crowd to disperse before they moved in to make arrests just before 10 p.m. But that's changed over the past decade or so. Following the roughly 90-minute rally, demonstrators marched through the city's downtown to the Basilica of Saint Mary, where the Basilica Block Party music festival was underway. Protesters have set up shop outside the mansion on Summit Avenue since the hours after Castile's shooting.

The protest, which started with a march from the governor's mansion around 8 p.m., was among several demonstrations nationwide that stemmed from the deaths of Castile and Sterling, who was shot after scuffling with the officers outside a convenience store.

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