Russian President meets Chinese leaders, praises ties with China

by Douglas Stevenson Julio 10, 2016, 4:07

Russian President Vladimir Putin will come to China Saturday for a high-profile state visit as China and Russia celebrate the rich legacy of 25 years of diplomatic ties and 20 years of comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination.

Putin is now on a state visit to China, and this is his fourth trip to China since Chinese President Xi Jinping took office in 2013.

"We are engaged in negotiations on two tracks: China-Russia on a bilateral basis, and within the framework of cooperation between China and Eurasian Economic Union", Vladimir Putin said.

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The most important task in Russia-China trade now is diversification, particularly boosting bilateral cooperation in high-tech areas, he said, noting that the two sides have taken concrete measures to improve their trade structure.

The reason behind their decision, Putin said on Friday, is that "no one wants to feed and subsidize poorer economies, to support other states, support entire nations".

SCO which was founded in 2001 in Shanghai comprise of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as full members.

Leaders in both countries have extolled the blossoming strategic partnership between the former communist rivals, despite a major shrinkage in two-way trade and a slew of ambitious projects that have remained largely on paper.

The British government believes Russian hooligans who beat the hell out of England fans in Marseille-putting two of them into comas-were acting at Vladimir Putin's command as part of his "hybrid warfare" campaign.

Steinmeier also said North Atlantic Treaty Organisation exercises in eastern Europe could worsen tensions with Russian Federation, warning against what he called "saber-rattling and shrill war cries".

During the meeting the parties signed a declaration of the beginning of the negotiation process on the development of agreements on trade and economic cooperation between the EEU and China. "The world economy is not stable in many areas, such as currency and energy, and this has affected us". Putin and Xi are also expected to discuss the issues of ensuring peace and stability in Central Asia.

Putin stressed that relations between Russian Federation and China represent overall strategic partnership and have good prospects for the future. We are in constant contact and we consult on global and regional issues.

Russian Federation is willing to advance the process of forming a regional economic body with China and Mongolia and to enhance people-to-people exchanges, Putin said.

Obama has announced an increased United States troop presence in eastern Europe, with continuous rotations of an additional armoured brigade beginning in early 2017.

Rosneft also agreed to build a petrochemical plant in Russia's Far East with China National Chemical.

The two heads of state, who met five times past year, also signed a joint statement on promoting the development of information and cyberspace.

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