Trump takes in $51 million, takes potential VP's o

by Alfonso Matthews Julio 11, 2016, 6:27
Trump takes in $51 million, takes potential VP's o

Kristen Bell chastised Donald Trump for bringing her hit animated film, "Frozen", into the controversy over his alleged use of a Star of David to mock Hillary Clinton. Joni Ernst, said that she, too, wasn't interested in the job.

Jonathan Greenblatt, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, a U.S.-based organization fighting anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, said that Trump's comparison with the Disney movie was ill-judged and inappropriate.

"I am not saying it's Newt", Trump said of the VP search. "You know, I go around, I make speeches, I talk to reporters".

In the meantime, he has been "road testing" potential running mates.

While Gingrich may be reflecting about his own choice, he said in the interview that Trump's presidential candidacy is not happenstance.

"I made that very clear to him that I'm focused on Iowa", she said, a few days after Trump suggested she might be on his list in a weekend tweet.

That rhetoric has struck a chord with far-right groups, whose leaders say they're seeing a resurgence of interest in their message thanks to Trump, who has become a popular topic of conversation on internet message boards such as "Dishonest media!" Trump tweeted.

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton on Wednesday proposed a temporary freeze on some student debt and the...

Gingrich was one of numerous former US officials and global dignitaries attending a giant annual gathering of the People's Mujahedeen of Iran outside Paris.

Gingrich said he counts them as modern Muslims but has less tolerance for some Syrian refugees and other Muslims. Trump said. "These people are sick". "But if you think the news media is biased, then join me", Gingrich added. "And the prescription of withdrawing from trade deals and focusing exclusively on your local market - that's the wrong medicine", he said, during a trip to Canada to meet with North Americans heads of state.

"And until we can have an open conversation both of how do you protect the police but also how do you protect the innocent I think we're not going to solve this problem", he said.

Trump has since addressed the shootings in a statement Friday morning, expressing sorrow over the death of five Dallas police officers as well as the "senseless, tragic deaths" in Louisiana and Minnesota.

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