Melania Trumps Immigration Story in Question

by Virginia Benson Agosto 5, 2016, 2:26
Melania Trumps Immigration Story in Question

This is Wednesday, right? To keep your status, you would have to leave the U.S. when that period expired.

Melania Trump nude photos on New York Post cover, Rush Limbaugh caricature by DonkeyHotey, CC 2.0.

"I was busy and I was traveling a lot". Both Michelle and Melania are victims of the same despicable conservative media industrial complex and the overall nastiness that exists in our political system. They were not happy.

"It's quintessential", he said. One of the cornerstones of Donald Trump's appeal has been a set of promises to curb illegal immigration by building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and deporting millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States. See, they're only used to photos like that helping Bill Clinton. They found these old model pictures. Forget the fact that nude photos of a candidate's wife have nothing to do with a candidate's qualifications to be president.

This post was syndicated from Punch Newspapers. To get into the lottery, foreign workers had to have sponsorship from a prospective employer as well as pay a hefty $325 fee.

Questions emerged this week over Melania Trump's remarks that were inconsistent with U.S. immigration rules. I've come to their defense.

Gawker speculated that Mr. Trump himself leaked the photographs in order to take the spotlight away from his back-and-forth with Ghazala Khan.

And I said maybe I have the answer.

Q: So she has said she came in 1996? "Oh, gee, that's outrageous, that's so typical, I can't".

It's off-topic, in a campaign that's dealing with gun violence, global terrorism, economic security and religious freedom. There may be an excellent reason for Melania Trump's seemingly untroubled navigation of what, to many visitors, are treacherous legal waters. Its screaming, all-caps headline reads, "The Ogle Office". "It's Fine - My appearance doesn't define me".

Q: But the nude photographs were taken in New York City in 1995?

Immigration experts said that people who receive H1-B visas typically receive them for three years and are able to renew them for another three years. They smile, break into tears and hug. A trans woman and a lesbian are nearby and, upon hearing my outburst, join me in ogling the newspaper - you know, because LGBT salivate over anything remotely homosexual. "I mean, it's relatable", Limbaugh continued. "I'm ugly, and I know it". Melania did as many models do.

RUSH: Tommy Tightpants there in the bumper music rotation - Tom Jones and "What's Up Pussy Cat". I would vote for a flea before I... you get the idea. "There's no way I'm singing that song". No woman wants to be called pussy cat! He has, for instance, refused to make public his tax returns.

RUSH: Did you see Breitbart has a story here? Marc Dolisi, chief editor of Max at the time, told The Washington Post that the pictures appeared in the February 1996 edition of the magazine and had been shot in November or December of 1995. But if Trump worked in the U.S. illegally, as this Politico report suggests, she and Donald Trump certainly aren't alone. In an interview, he said she moved in either in 1995 or in 1996 and lived with him for about a year and a half. I think that's how this works.

RUSH: Fox News reporting Obama has commuted the sentences of 214 federal prisoners, the most in any one day in more than a hundred years.

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