Road to 270: CNN's new election map

by Virginia Benson Agosto 20, 2016, 4:46

Conway has gained Trump's trust and is seen as someone who can communicate campaign weaknesses to the businessman better than Manafort, who irritated Trump with his emphasis on moderating in the general election. Trump did, though, say during an Aug. 9 speech that he wants tax reductions for the middle class.

While it remains too early to tell, the first moves under the new regime have largely shown an investment in conventional campaigning.

"Syrian refugees flood in". Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crime get to stay - collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line. She advocated toppling Moamar Gadhafi but failed to fill the vacuum in Libya after his regime fell.

Trump's America is simple: "secure". Terrorists and dangerous criminals: kept out. Mr Trump, however, has made clear that he had no desire to change or "pivot". Still, Trump offered rare words of regret on Thursday for causing offence with his take-no-prisoners style.

What political news is the world searching for on Google and talking about on Twitter?

In the end, of course, I am sure that Ted Cruz and John Kasich were "in it to win it", but let's be honest: Neither Cruz nor Kasich is (or at least was) really a nationally popular figure for the GOP. The "system" is "rigged against Americans".

Voter mobilization is a key part of Clinton's strategy to winning North Carolina, as it was for Obama. "I have done that and, believe it or not, I regret it", he said.

Those themes mostly appeal to Republicans.

Trump backers are 29 points more likely to view terrorism as a problem.

Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton badly in the polls in battleground states with just 11 weeks to go until Election Day. A large majority of 88 percent of voters reported they followed the race with some degree of consistency.

It showed a more disciplined approach but time will tell whether it has any effect on the polls.

It's not like Americans are broadly unaware of Trump's immigration position, either.

Indeed, the blueprint Trump has stuck to for much of this week has the potential to resonate with voters deeply frustrated with Washington and career politicians. Manafort, who first joined the campaign in March, had presided over a period in which Trump had formally sealed the Republican presidential nomination after seeing off 16 rivals. Maybe Trump is actually trying to reach out to Republicans. Because it's with Republicans that he's faltering. We have noted before that it's softness within his own party that's pulling his poll numbers so far beneath Clinton's.

He'll begin now. NBC News reports today Trump begins running ads in four states.

Trump doesn't care about other people. "He is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be commander in chief".

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