Farc guerrillas killed in combat days after new peace deal with government

by Alfonso Matthews Noviembre 17, 2016, 4:21

After knowing the results, Santos said he is confident that "the results of these new tests will be positive".

"I will travel tomorrow to the United States, the exam will be Thursday and I will be back Friday". President Santos and his negotiating team, those from the "No" campaign, and other important sectors of Colombian society deserve credit for engaging in a far reaching and respectful national dialogue following the plebiscite.

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The opposition to the deal, led by former President Alvaro Uribe has opposed a quick resumption of the process, claiming it needs more time to adequately read the revisions it didn't receive util late Sunday evening. As it transpired, the 'no' result came in with less than a one per cent margin; a no to the chance of ending a 50 year civil war.

The transitional justice system will review amnesty requests of the FARC's approximately 6,600 guerrilla fighters and 10,000 militia members, process 24,400 state officials either sentenced or formally accused of war crimes and an additional 12,500 private persons and enterprises accused of financially supporting one of the illegal armed groups active in the conflict. But the movement would still be guaranteed a certain number of seats in Congress, and its leaders would not be explicitly banned from holding them.

Although cancer is very scary, President Santos is optimistic about the future. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October.

The implementation of the deal could end the last Cold War-era conflict in Latin America; the FARC was originally a Cuban-inspired Marxist movement that later took up drug trafficking. "The new agreement includes more than 70% of the points that they demanded, and over 90% of the fundamental points". The final draft also allows rebels to hold public office, although anyone who confesses to having committed a war crime will be forced to live outside of urban areas for five to eight years.

El Tiempo reports that after the checkup, doctors at the Santa Fe Foundation reported that Santos reported an increase in "prostate antigen", a protein that when it becomes elevated becomes a marker for cancer patients.

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