How to survive after the loss in game

by Virginia Benson Octubre 29, 2017, 9:27

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How to survive after the loss in game

Entering the world of gambling, it is necessary to realize that there is no game in which you can constantly win like in 7Sultans new smartphone casino with top quality mobile gaming

Losses are inevitable even for recognized professionals. In addition, the probability of winning for each type of gambling is different and depends on the number of players and game combinations, the amount of bets and, finally, luck.

Theory of probability, professionalism, and mindset

According to the theory of probability, it is considered that participating in a huge number of games, a gambler can lose the same amount were won. Based on this statement, the Martingale technique was developed. This simple model is based on the fact that no one can lose forever, sooner or later a positive result is achieved. On the other hand, perseverance is not always appropriate in gambling. With the element of chance, this quality can lead to bankruptcy.

Even players, who are rightfully considered as professionals can lose the game. It is professionalism that helps them to cope with defeat. They know from their own experience that losing is an integral part of gambling. At the same time, a professional understands the system well, so he has a positive result with a plus.

Professionals, participating in gambling, pursue one of two purposes: to get a thrill or a small profit. They know how to stop on time, determine in advance how much they can afford to lose, do not take extra money or bank cards, and never play a debt.

Specialists noted that people with mathematical maturity are more likely to cope with gambling and their consequences. They know how to develop a good strategy and tactics and are able to stick to it for a long time. Usually, after losing money, such players must return the lost funds.

How to control emotions

The reaction of a person to a loss depends entirely on his character and level of professionalism. A phlegmatic pragmatist will not pay much attention to such a "trifle" at all, a pedant with mathematical thinking will perceive the loss of funds calmly and give himself time to rest and recover, an exalted or anxious person will feel anger or disappointment, can raise rates and continue playing until the last penny is lost. There are people who, after the first loss, leave the world of gambling forever.

Emotions are given to people on purpose - according to the plan of nature they are obliged to facilitate their life. However, very few people understand that only trained and well-bred emotions are capable of successfully fulfilling this duty. The development of feelings requires even more effort than the development of intellectual abilities. If a person does not know how to control their emotions, they take on the role of the boss, preventing them from acting reasonably and in a timely manner.

You must "train" not only negative but also positive emotions. Control is necessary for any feeling that leads to destructive actions and causes addiction. To achieve success, one should get rid of such feelings as envy, resentment, malevolence, fear, anger, dependence on the opinions of others, ambition, excessively turbulent joy when winning. Any of these emotions can cause a person to lose the sense of reality and the ability to control one's own actions.


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